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Please read through my customers' feedback of how my counselling has helped their individual needs.

Hereford Counselling offers counselling services for a wide range of issues including bereavement, sexual abuse, help with depression, anxiety counselling, confidence issues and help with substance abuse. 

In certain circumstances home visits are available for counselling. For more information please get in touch.
Do you need help? For counselling in a secure and safe environment
call Hereford Counselling on 07941 695 954 


"You were like a "rock" - I went from a very dark place to being able to face the world again with renewed vigour. I was able to acknowledge the grief I was still carrying for my father who had passed away many years before and admit the feelings of anger and resentment regarding a recent break up of a relationship."
- Sue, Finchley
"Steph demonstrated huge empathy and I was able to be open up regarding my substance abuse and I came to accept how much harm I was doing to myself. I felt able to open up about childhood and family issues and by talking these through I came away with greater clarity."
- Alex, Barnet
"With Steph's help I was able to shift through feelings of fear and hurt in the midst of a marriage break-up and at the same time acknowledge the turmoil I was in over successive family bereavements."
- Susie, Herts
"Although I have suffered multiple depressive episodes through the last few years Steph has accepted my tears and black moods but throughout has encouraged me to embrace life."
- A, Finchley
"This was by far, the most positive counselling I have received. I felt I was being listened to, guided through and supported on all my negative experiences. I was spoken to in a manner that made me challenge my experiences."
- M, Essex
"Thank you for everything for listening and helping me find myself again." 
- Maria, East London
"Thank you for helping me through this very difficult time". 
- Lynda, Essex.
"I wanted to thank you for all your support and empathy. I have learnt a lot about myself through counselling and it has played a big part in me taking steps to rebuild my life". 
- G, Barnet 
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