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Bereavement counselling

Bereavement counselling with Hereford Counselling, serving Hereford and the surrounding areas

professional counsellor

are you struggling to deal with grief?

Have you lost someone close to you and feel like you would benefit from speaking to a professional counsellor? Grief can affect us all differently which is why I treat everyone as an individual, getting to know how you are feeling and the best ways to help you.

Whether you have lost someone recently or some time ago, I provide sympathetic support for you to reflect on your loss according to your own need.
Hereford Counselling will help you with bereavement and how to cope. Call 07941 695 954, we serve Hereford and the surrounding areas

Someone to talk to

There are different stages of grief including anger and isolation. Counselling can help you to adjust to the change of circumstances and as well as listening fully to how you feel I can also offer advice.

Bereavement counselling sessions are available in Finchley and Tottenham and I also offer home visits to the surrounding area.

For more information please contact Hereford Counselling today.
bereavement and how to cope
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