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empathetic counsellor

Looking for a caring and empathetic counsellor in the Herefordshire region??


young adult therapy
Are you based in Herefordshire? My name is Steph Jones and I specialise in adult and young adult therapy.

I am trained to work with male and female survivors of sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse.


cope with bereavement
If you are struggling to cope with bereavement, anxiety or stress or perhaps someone close to you is suffering from substance abuse, look no further than Hereford Counselling. For a confidential and non-judgemental counselling service for a range of issues you can count on me.


bereavement counselling
Have you lost a loved one and find it difficult to come to terms with? I have been specifically trained in bereavement counselling and have worked for the NHS in a GP surgery as a therapeutic counsellor. For more information about the counselling services I offer get in touch today.
I can offer you a caring, understanding outlet and explain techniques
which can aid you during a difficult time.
For more information about the counselling I can help you with,
call Hereford Counselling on: 07941 695 954
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